As President I didn’t Pursue My Personal Interests, Obasanjo says

Peculiar Ajibola

The Former President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo has said all he did while in office was in the best interest of his people (Nigeria) rather than pursuing his personal gains.

He also said that those who claimed that he did not do anything for the South – West or Yoruba tribe were totally wrong.

The Ex-President said this during an interview with The Point Newspaper as published on Monday.

The elder-stateman, said that despite Nigeria’s immeasurable prospective for greatness, some miss-steps were not able to make this prospective or our potential come to reality.

The ex-President said he remained worried that despite Nigeria’s enormous potential for greatness, steps were not being taken to translate that potential into reality.

Obasanjo also stated that;

“People who worked with me knew that it doesn’t matter where they came from, they will remember all we did together for the development of this country.

“There is no question of partiality or nepotism towards family members and there is no question of this is my personal interest or gain,

“I never said that we didn’t make mistakes or we are perfect but those mistakes we made were genuine mistake it wasn’t due to greed.”

Reacting to the claim of neglecting the Yoruba tribe while in office Obasanjo said, some Yoruba people came to me and said;

” You didn’t do enough for the Yoruba tribe and I said Yes did I do for Nigeria? They said, You did! And I said is Yoruba not part of Nigeria, then I have done for the Yoruba as well as I have done for Igbo , Hausa and so on I think that must guide us.

“The point you must bear in mind, is that this country can be a great country. We have everything to make this country great.

“Can we get there? I believe we can. All we need is one generation of consistency in leadership, we will be there. That is all we need, one generation of right leadership consistency.” He added.

Obasanjo further advised the current leadership to be curious about what is going on around them, instead of shutting their doors.