Mick Barry TD, Socialist Movement Ireland, Berate Nigeria Government’s Treatment Of #RevolutionNow Protesters

-Sayo Johnson

TellAfrica had earlier reported incidents of maltreatment of peaceful #RevolutionNow protesters in Nigeria ;

Following these developments, the socialist movement in Ireland in solidarity with their Nigeria counterpart have shown support and protested the unlawful arrest of the peaceful protesters in Nigeria.

In view of the event, a member of the Irish Dail (Parliament) and member of the Solidarity movement have contacted the Nigeria Embassy in Ireland regarding the matter.

See extract from the correspondence sent to the Nigerian Embassy today, 5 December 2020 calling for the release of peaceful political prisoners by Mick Barry TD.

To: Dr. Uzoma Emenike, Ambassador of Nigeria

Dear Ambassador,

“Further to my phone call earlier today with Victor Adeleke the Deputy Head of Mission at the Nigerian Embassy, I wish to convey to you in writing my protest at the arrest of peaceful protestors in Osogbo, Abuja and Lagos.

“I have received disturbing reports (including video footage) from Nigeria of the arrest and brutal attack on peaceful protestors on 5 August by members of the Department of State Services. I am aware that Dunnex Samuel, a member of the Movement for a Socialist Alternative and student leader at the Obafemi Awolowo University, along with Mandate, Oguntola Sunday and other protesters were whisked away to an unknown location by the DSS in Osogbo. I have also received reports of similar arrests and brutal attacks on peaceful protestors occurring in Abuja and Lagos, again at the hands of the DSS.

“It is completely unacceptable that young people protesting against state repression and the dire economic conditions that currently prevail in Nigeria should be oppressed in this brutal way.
I demand the immediate and unconditional release of Dunnex Samuel and all of the other protestors and intend to make a public statement on this issue to bring this serious matter to the attention of the Irish public and the Nigerian diaspora.”

Yours sincerely,

Mick Barry TD for Cork North Central
On behalf of the Socialist Party and Solidarity.

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