OLUKUMI: The Delta People Of Yoruba Extraction

-Oduduwa Race And Family.

The Olukumi Clan of Yoruba in Delta State.


The Olukumis are a branch of the Anioma ethnic group. Anioma people exists as part of Edo and Delta state.


The Anioma people are a unique group of people with 12 different languages which can be traced to: Igbo, Edo and


The Olukumis are an ancient fragment of the Yoruba people, located in Aniocha North local government of Delta in Nigeria who migrated from Owo/Akure in the current day Ondo State of Nigeria.


They occupy eight communities in the west of the river Niger, and are referred to as the Odiani Clan in Aniomaland.


History considers the Odianis as the Yoruba clans in the Anioma cultural area. While, Ugbodu town is by virtue of history the headquarters of the Olukumi people. The Ugbodu town is headed by a traditional ruler named as the Obi of Ugbodu. The current  Obi is H.R.M. Oloza Ayo Isinyemeze.

HRM Ayo Isinyemeze
(Obi) Oloza of Ugbodu & Chairman Council of Traditional Rulers in Aniocha North LG.


The Olukumi villages select leaders through the use of Okpala Obi system, which is considered as a borrowed culture from their neighbors. The system is a fusion of the Obi (Kingship) rulership system from the Benin kingdom, as well as the Okpala (Gerontocracy) system gotten from the Igbos.


The Odianis today are known as Anioma people in Delta State together with the Ezechime who migrated from Edo land and Idumuje clan who migrated from Esan land.


The Anioma people are those from Aniocha (Enuani and Olukumi), Ndokwa (Ukwuani), Ika, and Oshimili areas of Delta State.

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