Cultural Upgrade: Catalyst for Modern Attraction

I danced and nobody can dare ask why I dance because I don’t dance for you but God.

We should not blame a sweet melody because of the drummer. Rather, appreciate whatever synchronize and in tune with time.

Dancing to songs of all nature, be it modern shaku shaku or Tesumole shouldn’t be limited to people of certain age and position. Kings are human. Let us enjoy ourselves with modern styles, songs and dancing steps. Songs are instruments of merriments and dancing steps are manifestation of happy mood. As kings, our merriment shouldn’t be limited to the corridor of our room.

Also, we should move with modern race blend with new style. We are father to all, we must attach ourselves to new trend and behave to serve all.

I dance, Oba of Benin dances, many monarchs dance either to show appreciation to God or manifest inner joy. People feel you without restriction when you act accordingly for all.

Olamide is the Ayinla Omowura of today, Q.Dot is the Haruna Ishola of now, Davido is the Sikiru Ayinde Barrister of this century. The strength of upgrade made them loved by this generation.

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