It is no more news that the current pandemic convid-19 otherwise known as Corona virus have infiltrated all continents in the world. The virus have continue to challenge human existence and not only that it has affected every sectors such as economy, health among others.
I am very glad to see proactive measures put in place by International organisations or agencies in containing or stop the spreading of the virus. In particular, I appreciates Federal Government of Nigeria and all the 36 states governors for their actions and inactions in stopping the virus.

It is of this note that Arole Orunmila His Eminence Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni Makoranwale II, Arabas and Oluwos under the umbrella of Council of ARABAS’ & OLUWOS’ called for divine intervention of Orunmila in putting a stop to the virus.

Today, Thursday 26th March 2020 at the World Ifa Temple, Oke-Itase Ile-Ife, Ifa was consulted and the ODU IFA that came out was EJI OGBE. The ODU emphasis on the steps to be taken in recovering from the pandemic disease or virus called Corona virus. The ODU IFA have provided solution that sacrifices needed to be done which would lead to the demise of the Corona Virus across the continents. The ODU IFA advised foreign governments to be united in getting vaccines that would cure the virus. Furthermore, it emphasised that powerful or developed nations should not see the virus as opportunity of exploiting undeveloped nations economically.

It admonished our traditional rulers in Nigeria to work in hand with the state governments and Federal Government of Nigeria to curtail the virus. The ODU IFA says when all has been done, the global economy would be more prosperous than the pre-corona virus time.

His Eminence Owolabi Awodotun Aworeni, Araba Agbaye, Makoranwale II appreciates all the Arabas and the Oluwos’ that present at the World Ifa Temple and others that could not come for a reason or the others. Some of them that present were Araba of Ibadanland, Ogbagba, Ife-odan, Ajawa etc. Babalawos across Yorubaland witnessed this emergency Ifa Divination on Corona Corona virus. Dr. Agboola, Secretary International Council for Ifa Religion contribution toward the success of the program is appreciated.

Thank You All.

May Olodumare continue to protect you all, ASE.

Prince N. Olatoye Arogundade
Director of Media and Public Affairs
Office of the Araba Agbaye Oluisese
World Ifa Temple Oke-Itase, Ile-Ife, Osun, Nigeria

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