It is no news that the pandemic CoronaVirus has affected the day to day running of countries all over the world.

There has been an unexpected intervention with the administration of countries worldwide as the basic goal is finding a solution to the problem” -Yomi Ayilara

The epidemic which is noted to have emancipated from China has caused fear and disorganization for many people all over the world.

China, in her step to curb further spread of the virus took to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Migration Administration of the People’s Republic of China to announce the immediate suspension of visas and resident permits which would take effect from 12:00am, 28th March, 2020.

This was revealed in a press statement by the National Immigration Authority of the People’s Republic of China on 26 March 2020 which states as follows;

“There is the subsequent suspension of foreigners with APEC business travel cards, port suspension 24/7, 144-hour transit visa exemption for foreigners from Hong Kong and Macao in Guangdong and Guang xi exemption from ASEAN tourist groups. Entry with a diplomatic, official, courtesy or C visa is however not affected.

Foreigners who come into China to engage in trade, scientific and technological activities and urgent humanitarian needs can apply for visas from Chinese embassies and consulates abroad. The entry of visas issued to foreigners after the announcement is not affected.”

The reason for this decision cannot be overemphasized; it is a reciprocal measure to the current epidemic. However, China is willing to maintain close communication with other countries, while they will be happy to adjust this decision in response to the epidemic.

It should be noted that there would be an adjustment as soon as the epidemic is over, and this shall be communicated appropriately the statement read.

See full text of letter below;

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