Cuban Doctors setting out to Italy, holding the picture of Fidel Castro their late communist leader Fidel Castro
Cuban Salvor, the Cuban Doctors arriving Italy


See more video of the Cuban Brigade as the arrive Italy…..


Wealth is in humanity and Solidarity

We do not need to be fanatically religious in order to show empathy.

Cuba, a revolutionary communist, yet humanist have continued to show their solidarity beyond borders in order to combat the Pandemic COVID-19.

Despite the global circumstances at this point in time, we can’t but celebrate the Cuban Medical Brigades who have turned themselves in to Italy at this trying period to stop the COVID-19 war against humanity today 23rd March 2020

In Italy, the total number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus jumped by almost 5,000 overnight.

The total number  rose from 59, 138 to 63,928 where the country has become the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The death rate which is at 11% is now slowing down, after the number rose by 602 to 6,078 on Monday.

On Sunday, 651 people died, this is lesser than the 793 deaths recorded on Saturday and the 627 count on Friday.

We hope that the Cuban Brigade will give significant support on the arrival to Italy.

The Cuban Brigade are working, putting their lives on line to save humanity at no cost.


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