COVID-19: More than 19 Million Cumulative Cases Globally

Globally, more than 19 million cumulative cases of coronavirus have been recorded.

According to a CNN report, India has become the third country after the US and Brazil to record more than 2 million cases, and Africa has now recorded more than 1 million cases across the continent.

The US is at the verge of reaching 5 million cumulative cases. A new model predicts the US death toll could reach nearly 300,000 by December; it’s now about 160,000.

Meanwhile, countries are jockeying over who controls the most important preventative measures. President Trump just signed an executive order directing some federal agencies to prioritize buying certain drugs and medical materials when made in the United States.

China dominates the personal protective equipment market, and India makes a lot of generic prescription drugs.

However, the Australia Prime Minister said any country that finds a vaccine, including his own, must share it with the world to end the pandemic.

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