NCDC Shares Reasons Why We Should Wear Masks


Face Masks Meant To Prevent Asymptomatic People From Spreading Virus” -NCDC


The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has said the use of face masks is to help those who are asymptomatic from spreading COVID-19.

NCDC took to Twitter to share the guideline on the use of face masks.


β€œThis provides guidance on the effective use of masks in non-healthcare settings,”
According to the agency;

β€œthe use of face mask is primarily to prevent those who are infected but asymptomatic from spreading the virus.

Masks have to be properly disposed of in waste bins. Improper handling and frequently touching masks can increase the risk of infection.”

They added that;

β€œImprovised masks are also options as long as they are properly washed regularly. They can be made out of cloth or other materials.”

There was also a call on older persons who are above 60 years, and those with ongoing respiratory conditions, to wear masks.

The NCDC in the guideline, remarked that the use of face masks should be in addition with other safety measures.
NCDC tweeted- @NCDCgov

β€œThe wearing of face masks alone will not protect against COVID-19, but
must be combined with physical distancing, handwashing, respiratory
hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and other
advice from NCDC,” the body said.

Q: Should I wear a mask?
A: The NCDC has published an advisory note on the use of masks for members of the public. This provides guidance on the effective use of masks in non-healthcare settings


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