COVID 19- Ukraine President Offers $1 Million For COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID 19- Ukraine President Offers $1 Million For COVID-19 Vaccine

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky has promised a $1 million reward to the scientists in the country if they manage to develop a coronavirus vaccine, his spokeswoman said Monday.

Ukraine has a population of around 42 million and has confirmed 3,102 cases of COVID-19 and 93 people have died.

The president,  through his spokesperson, Yuliya Mendel sent to AFP said;

“believes a million dollars is a good incentive,” with the aim being to develop a vaccine that would “save hundreds of thousands of lives.”

She said;

Zelensky “really wants Ukrainian scientists to work more actively towards developing medicines that will help the whole world,”

She added that Zelensky’s request to develop a vaccine against COVID-19 was sent to the Ukraine’s Academy of Sciences last month.

On Monday the World Health Organization highlighted the importance of developing a COVID-19 vaccine, saying it was needed to fully halt transmission of the disease which has led to over 100,000 deaths worldwide since it was first identified in China late last year.

The Ukraine president’s spokeperson did not however make it clear how the million-dollar reward would be financed in a country where the economy has been drained by a long-running conflict with Russian-backed separatists, however, reliant on international aid.

“So far we are not talking about a specific source for the money,” she said.

Ukraine acted swiftly to close schools, universities and public spaces to stem the spread of the virus. It has also shut down metro systems in three cities.

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