NIDCOM & NIDO Christmas Carol and Bazaar

There’s no better way for Nigerians abroad, to activate the festive mood than visiting a Christmas carol and Bazaar event. However, as the Corona virus (COVID-19) continues to spread and stricter measures discourages physical meeting, virtual events have become an essential part of addressing and mitigating the disillusionment and cynicism that set in. This easy, cost-effective and seamless way of connecting multiple people in the Diaspora with those at home via the collaborative participation in a Christmas carol and bazaar event, will help to keep the spirit of the yuletide lit up in majority of people.

The goal of the event is to:
· Leverage on the availability of online technology to mitigate the rising complexity involved in commuting to physical places during the covid- 19 era to attend physical events of this magnitude while bringing to the individual domiciles the same experience obtainable in a typical brick and mortar settings of a Christmas bazaar to the Diaspora audiences and their families and friends across the globe.
· Provide an opportunity for the members of the Diaspora community to enjoy a Christmas event similar to one they would attend at home.
· To deliver the message of hope, unity and happiness of the yuletide vis-a-vis cultural narratives.
· To set up a platform where African arts can be unleashed, displayed and sold to the global community
· To foster interaction between designated Diaspora stakeholders both at home and abroad
· To provide an avenue of further engagement in diaspora issues as it relates to homeland development
· Provide an opportunity for the international community to learn about Christmas traditions in different regions in Nigeria.
· To expose and promote Diaspora creative artists to interested art lovers both in Nigeria and abroad.
· To demonstrate the feasibility of having Christmas events by leveraging on the easy accessibility and efficiency and seamless connection.
· Provide those in the NGO/non-profit sector an opportunity to sell their products, promote their business and benefit those they work with.
· Provide individuals/families who enjoy making homemade items an opportunity to sell them.
· To provide an opportunity for charitable deeds during the yuletide.

Target Audience:
· Diaspora Nigerians
· Families of Diasporas at home
· NGOs
· Government Reps
· Diplomatic Society
· Council of Traditional rulers/ Royal fathers
· Art enthusiasts
· Friends of Nigeria
· Choirs and Cultural troupe
· Celebrities and Artists

Description of the Event:
The event has been earmarked to support art initiative- a sector that has been badly hit by the pandemic as they are considered non essential workers- patronizing the works of art during this period is a channel to encourage them to be more enterprising, while enhancing the market potential of their work.
The event would showcase a special Christmas carol with a blend of African cultural elements as Christmas songs with African lyrics, rhythms and styles would be performed. Special dances portraying the peculiarity of African yuletide celebration would decorate the event.
The special bazaar to follow will bring together the best of artwork including still-life portraits, painting, native handicraft, novelty items and creative music, fabrics & African attires, mosaic and sculptures among others, which will be sold.

Participation of individuals as well as artists would be by invitation as participants are required to register in order to have a chance to showcase their works.

Renowned choirs, cultural troupes and artists from all walks of life would be there to take us through some traditional carols and entertainment.
Reputable artists from Nigeria and the Diaspora shall grace the event with their unique talent.

Performing at the event:
All artists willing to participate should have undergone a test session to ensure the quality will not be compromised during the event proper.
Limited time would be allotted to specific individuals designated to perform at the event. Artist are free to use the specific instrument they want to include in their performance as long as the inclusion is at sync with the projected quality of the event

Christmas Sales:
Art work from artists would be showcased and auctioned at the event. Other artists wanting to sell their works would be given the opportunity to showcase and auction their works. Celebrities, public officials or private individuals with the intent to give for charitable causes may also do so by donating a collection of their ostentatious gifts to NIDCOM, NIDOE, or TellAfrica to be auctioned at the Christmas Bazaar.

The event would be a 3 hrs event. Starting from 21:00 PM -24:00 Abuja Time

Outcome measures:
Special quality questionnaire would be sent to participants of the event to collect and measure the level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

For participation & Marketing:
Alexander Osarogue
‘Leye Akinuli
+234 806 524 1920
Seyitope Edunjobi
+234 814 739 9586
Adeyinka Chukwumerije

Advertisement Slots Available:
* Share your screen and send xmas & new year messages to your loved ones all over the world
* Special Greetings session on zoom
* Advertise your goods & product
* Surprise messages to loved ones
* Scheduled Advertisement on TellAfrica blogspot and all social media platforms
* Bazaar sales

All sales/adverts are made payable to:
Account Name: TellAfrica Heritage & Sociocultural Initiative
Account No: 1016641010
Financial Institution: Zenith Bank Plc