Nigerian government’s porosity is when lies turned blue and yet remains inelastic contingencies for endless injurious stories. When the truth is inked as a watermark, it will be hard to extract it from the host.

Nigeria’s leadership in 1960 is not the same as present people of values linkage and ooze leadership strength. I wonder why sincerity is an obsolete signalized feature of supposedly common sense of so-called leaders but flesh eaters and vision killers

Can Nigerian youth surface with a highly sophisticated drive that’s beyond analog mindset and retardation opinions of their in-house jailers amidst global disruptive realities? Yes! with undiluted strategic mechanisms with present 21st-century digitalization devices from the realm that can’t be bought over.


64% of Nigeria population are youth, that’s 128 million

2019 general elections; more than half of the registered voters – 51.11% are aged between 18- 35;
29.97% are between 36 and 50.

Meaning, the total number of 81.08% are aged 18-50 that elected Buhari were youths.

Only 15.22% are between 51 and 70, and 3.69% are older than 70

This capsulated number of youth population will bring youth into power if it will be mathematically fashioned out.

Youth noninclusive program is extremely a senselessness of Nigerian politico’s manipulations meanwhile EndSARS is an overhaul instrumental propeller for good governance (for all of us) yet boxed by the futility of 0.2% of Nigeria’s population. Sad!

20 :10: 2020 – WHEN LIE SAYS IT’S OVER

If where I was for almost two days, thousands of people stayed and passed, close to five working days and somebody claimed to have discovered a secrete camcorder in an open place to coverup “Freedom Gate” (Lekki Toll Gate) massacre, that shows the bamboo interest of Nigerian rulers towards the masses- youths. What a cancer in the cartilage!

Obviously, no one can stop Nigerian government from hoax and chaotic lies. Its natural phenomena to their perpetual routine. The day you separate snail from its shell that’s when it will be buried in the belly valley.

Now, to continue depending on the lies of the federal government is like looking forward to seeing ant with 9 months pregnancy. It’s better to start creating solutions with agility, political and economic will for national transformation, that requires methodological hypothesis for further sequential integration of ideas and planning.

Though youths are boxed by their own rulers but not caged to be a master, freedom fighter, and political bulldozer through socio-economic co-creation with semantic calculations.


Join the youths for freedom from the oppressors, your terrestrial constitutional oath is towards the protection of masses and properties not to against citizen’s values and interests.

LET’S REASON TOGETHER. End Police Brutality gospel is a psychosocial emancipation rhythm on wobbly nepotic Nigeria’s constitution of the idiotic system.

Police and soldiers’ barracks, weapons, welfare, mobility, enumeration, etc are subject of disgrace that Nigerian youth become their herculean grassland fight. Boko Haram, bandits, terrorists, etc are to be targeted, go and win us landslide victory against National threat and fear, not Nigerian innocent jobless “walkerholic” youths.

Compare developed countries’ armed forces’ provisional policies, interests, privileges, and packages with N-government’s mini-micro ludicrous peanuts for ours monthly and annual take home, despite the country’s oceanic wealth but looted by ruling cabals. Selah!

Nigerian Youths are not police foes but family members and or friends who long for police eagle’s flight. Protect the youths, Turn to the government, and ask for your fundamental security rights, stop using ordinary bloody civilians as a parade ground.


Never say No to politics, get involved.
Do not be afraid, be a party card carrier.
Ask for your right, be logically positioned.
The government doesn’t love you, create your own wealth. You are leaders of today, tomorrow never comes. Be entrepreneurially inclined, get trained. You have not/can’t use 10% of your brain, there is still much to cover, stand up, and be relevant.

This is a clarion call to 10 million Nigerian youths for Stragetic Financial Revolution -SFR, known as Nigerian Youth Fund – NYF; N500 monthly donation, a way out of governmental perpendicular political and economic frustration.

Nigerian Youth Fund will focus on Edu-Tech, Greenhouse, IoT, AI, Blockchains, Transportation, E-commerce, E-college, Telecom, Anti-Cyber Theft- ACT, Hospitalhub, and Political sponsorship.

Nigeria’s unemployment rate as of the second quarter of 2020 is 27.1% shows that about 21, 764,614 (21.7 million) Nigerians remain unemployed.

Nigerian Youth Fund- NYF will not only empower the youths, psychologically, emotionally, economically, politically but also placed them on a global workforce scale.

Though youths are boxed but not caged.

Dr. O. Favour Ayodele
18: 11: 2020

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