The Polarity Of Restructuring Nigeria

Amb. Dr. Favour O. Ayodele

Ordinarily, sincerity, transparency, and visionary leadership would have solved Nigeria’s problem without hammering on restructuring. I have always said, to every masquerade’s veil, there is a body that bears the garment.

The conceptualization of Nigeria is simple I dont see complexity by a leader who knows or understand fundamental socio-economic and geopolitical interest with democratic polity.

People’s policies give way to national development. What is the recipe for good governance? Government of the people by the people for the people. Simple!

Since the present constitution has a fundamental defect, means, Nigeria is operating on a falsehood municipal, that calls for total overhauling of the constitution. You can’t be microscopically nepotic and not have mobocracy.

Who, where, what, and, or why are people echoing restructuring if not because of insincerity and inhumane mannerism of political jagabans. My concern is that, when we finally restructure who will be managing the administration, obviously, aliens won’t be imported from Pluto or Neptune.

If there are no attitudinal reforms, no nation will succeed without it. In my recent article, I made mention of common sense leadership csl, for African leadership where all narratives regard national balance can be demonstrated without prejudice.

When we are using developed countries to compare our inadequacies, governmental policies, and other national values, it shows we are still under colonial brain malnutrition. Pastor E. A Adeboye RCCG General Overseer said something that resonates with my national development ideology in his recent interview, “let’s have a government that can work for Nigerians” like he’s saying, let’s have our own government, not the borrowed one.

I was age 23 when I navigated my odyssey, searching for greener pastures, since then, my water never retains itself under my parent. Here is Nigeria, 60 years of independence; a country with abundant resources, over 200 million population struggling like deflated tire.

Nigerians are suffering today because of omission in the ecosystem as a result of lackadaisical and gluttonous self-made rich syndrome. If only our government understands human industrious and economic capital, Nigeria can’t ever be this weedy wooly.

Tribalism, religious bigotry, psychosocial manipulation, lack of political will, etc are the cancerous eaters of the masses’ flesh. Devolution of power can only be managed when people work according to the core context of the constitution (where the rule of law is effective)

Lands are divided only on paper through sentiment with a consciousness of acclaimed demographical ownerships. If politicians fail to restructure themselves (characters), whatever restructure we come with will amount to nothing except something else happen.

The attitude of the Federal Government toward the rule of law is another pendulum that can never assist the country to move forward. An entity that needs no interference become FG’s bullets on people’s brains.

Excuse me, its until the mind of an average individual reason selflessly and respectfully, the country can never be balanced. Civil Service Commission and other institutions must find a way of engaging transparent formation on national interest.

We must start dealing with unbalanced weights, false accusations, political brouhaha, tribalism, animal farm in political parties, destructive tax policies, monopolistic market, and analog system.

Its a shameful thing that most Nigerian politicos will be commissioning toilet of ten blocks, borehole waters, local (charcoal) iron made, wheelbarrows and other mushroom projects as if the life of the masses hangs on it. That’s lack of common sense; indeed, common sense is expensive.

I have stayed in a country that hardly boast of locally made products with relevant value-chain to boost their GDP, yet they are doing fantastic. Cambodia is one the poorest countries in the world, they still maintain organizational ethics, people’s interest and service mindset. It has drastically moved from Asia poverty-based country through investment (in education, technology) and industrialization.

Why the disintegration hullabaloo from Yoruba, IPOB, Middle Belt, its because of their marginalization by the political charlatans.

In recent years these are 10 Most Innovative Countries in Africa.
South Africa

Where is Nigeria, (Giant of Africa)?

It is very unfortunate that Nigerian rulers by their grand looting machine, our youths are sold into cybercrime, prostitution, robbery etc Sad! No development, creativity, co-creation of values, scientific discovery, infrastructure, and so on.

Few days ago, Rwanda President, Paul Kagame appointed a 19-year-old boy as Minister of New Technologies and Developments but here it is difficult for our rulers to invest in Nigerian young sharp distinguished brains that will rescue the county from this less-than or equal-to street gang government.

A thief remains a thief it doesn’t matter how many times he changes clothes.


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