ADC Chairman, Ralph Okey Nwosu Urge Nigerians To Support The Third Force And Rid Incompetence As He Unfolds Party Initiatives; Prays That We Overcome COVID-19

According to the National Chairman of African Democratic Congress (ADC), Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu; ADC remains the authentic third force and the only credible and alternative political platform in the country, with a membership of over five million.

ADC has remained steadfast and certainly one of the well organised political party in Nigeria, he added.

Our House of Representatives members are clearly stellar and have contributed intelligently to the robust debates in the Green Chambers. Our representation at the state level includes; Benue, Ogun, Adamawa, Kogi and Bayelsa.

The National Working Committee (NWC) of the party, in January submitted our 2020 budget to Admiral Murtala Nyako-led Board of Trustees (BoT), through the secretary, Dr. Gbolade Oshinowo, the budget has been approved and now undergoing implementation.

The ADC unlike the other orthodox/ establishment parties have shown itself transparent and ready to take up younger generations of politicians who are willing to take the country to a different level of governance.

Do you know that ADC is the only party that has a conference of its financial officers from all states, zones and national level meeting quarterly to discuss budgets and financial matters?

These financial officers such as the; treasurers, financial secretaries and auditors are well accomplished professionals of 132 men and women who meet quarterly for two days, to fashion out issues of finance and to ensure the smooth running of the party while upholding financial integrity.

In like manner, ADC as the third force is ready to put up the proffesionals with the best interest of the country at heart for elective positions going forward. Right pegs in the right hole!

The media should not be carried away by the wrong culture of the rulling party APC and its ally-oppostion PDP who are not interested in the reconstruction and building of fidelity and dignity in the political party system of Nigeria.

We are tired of the doing same thing at all times and expecting a different result. Genuine change and reconstruction is what Nigeria needs.

Don’t be surprised when you see more people decamping at this stage, people are just tired of the ongoing stagnacy and decadence in governance. We have many groups with intent to collaborate with ADC on the journey to a new a dispensation.

While ADC have also accommodated diffent groups, we are still looking forward to other parties joining us.

If it takes us to become one strong organisation with a common genetic in ADC-DNA to fight the cause for a better Nigeria, so be it!

ADC will not discriminate when it comes to your source/root, be it; a member of the Grassroots Initiatives, Nigeria Arise, Transformation Ambassador, Third Force or whatever group.
Despite our different origins, we have metamorphosed into one big homogeneous ADC. For instance, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is a force to reckon with respect to Africa polity and he remains our mentor and guide. We are delighted to be associated with him as an eminent statesman who has shown himself a worthy leader, well recognised across the globe.


Chief Olakojo is also a pillar of the party from the South-West, he currently heads a committee with Alhaji Ibrahim Manzo as the secretary. Their committee is charged to deconstruct the prejudices germane to the development of our party and construct a better structure and strategies to make a better ADC.

ADC is a great party with a national outlook. We embrace all ethic groups irrespective of their size and we believe in one Nigeria.

I will urge the media to work with us in other to see all our unique traits which definitely are our distinguishing factors. The media should embrace our party and others without bias, fear or favour of the ruling party in order to accurately show Nigerians what we stand for.


In terms of our preparation ahead, we shall be unfolding some activities soon. Although, the Covid-19 pandemic is slowing us down, but be assured that ADC will be fully on the transformation cockpit for 2023.

In same vein, we feel the pain of our people during this period; the lack and hunger. We are aware the ruling party is not doing enough for the masses, and we hope that the electorates should have this inactions of the ruling party at heart and resolve to vote a better party/candidates going forward.

ADC is a good choice to consider.

Sanity must be restored into Nigeria polity and governance. In order to have this, we need the numbers; hence, our serious talks with about 45 political parties. About 38 of the existing political parties have already signed into the ADC mega cruise.

The Nigerians in Diaspora are also aligned to the ADC vision, we need them for capacity building and we have created the most robust, patriotic and transformation driven political-Diaspora organisation called the ADC- DN.

The ADC-DN stands for African Democratic Congress Diaspora Network. It is a unique medium of incorporating Nigerians doing very well abroad into the homeland polity for better governance.

The ADC Diaspora Network is seemingly  the biggest Diaspora organisation in the world as of today.  This arm of ADC will serve as the continental body and the 7th zone of the party.  This implies that we now have the South-West zone, South- South, South-East, North Central, North-East, North-West and the Diaspora Network (DN) where DN is also part of all the policy making organs of the party.

No doubts,  ADC is sincerely committed to a new Nigeria nation and many proactive and well meaning Nigerians have subscribed to this development.

People are just tired of the old order of PDP and APC. It is therefore, time for the us to move on as a nation.  The embarrassment and corruption have lasted for so long. The transition from PDP to APC is outright from “frying pan to fire” scenario.

In all of these, we also hope that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) stop acting in contempt. It is so obvious that INEC is often acting the illegal script of the ruling party, considering the election malpractices and their recent efforts to de-register some political parties.

On a final note, I would admonish Nigerians, home and abroad to kindly allign with a political party that is ready to listen, serve and effectively communicate with the people they represent.

ADC  guarantees a better chance!

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