African Democratic Party Of Nigeria Beckon Diaspora Members To Contest Upcoming Gubernatorial Election In Ondo & Edo State In A Statement Released By Ralph Okey Nwosu, The Party Chairman

National Chairman of ADC; Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu have challenged Nigerians in Diaspora to produce candidates for the upcoming elections in Edo and Ondo.


He assured that the ADC-DN is beyond imagination and exceptional. In his words;


“African Democratic Congress Diaspora Network is not like anything you have seen before in Nigerian political space”


The ADC Diaspora Network is the biggest Diaspora organisation network currently in the 5 continents of the world.

The National Chairman is calling on distinguished Diaspora members who are now part of all the policy-making organs of the party to take this advantage and produce candidates for the upcoming elections.


“We are authentically committed to a new Nigerian nation and thank God many Nigerians in Diaspora are buying in,” he emphasized.

So for the upcoming elections in Edo and Ondo State, the ADC leader beckons on Nigerians in Diaspora via the ADC-Diaspora Network to actively engaging in the political party processes to build a new socio-political culture in which all Nigerians are equal members, where each contributes according to his ability and resource.

No person should dominate as political party do not belong to one individuals rather a collective responsibility.

The Nigerians in Diaspora will no doubt bring in their expertise in ensuring meritocracy, where only competent, dedicated, patriotic and credible candidates are sponsored for elective offices at all levels of governance.


Nigerians in Diaspora will help to build a New Nigeria and a new Edo state and Ondo State; where the Dignity of every Nigerian, home and abroad will be restored and defended he concluded.


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