African Democratic Congress Constitutes Diaspora Network Interim Leadership

The African Democratic Congress (ADC) of Nigeria having revealed its decision to make viable use of Nigerians in the Diaspora in their mission to achieve good governance and proper accountability towards the bid to succeed the incumbent government, and having adopted the ADC Diaspora Network as its 7th zone on the 8th of April 2020.

By virtue of the power vested in the Diaspora Network; a press statement was released from the office of the Spokesperson of the Diaspora Interim Working Committee, Ms. Vivian Nwoye on 24th of April 2020 announcing the respective persons & offices of the Interim leaders of the Diaspora Network.

The Diaspora network (ADC-DN) is delimited as follows: Africa, Americas, Middle East/Asia, Europe, and Oceania and they make up the 7th Zone of
ADC Party of Nigeria.

The 7th zone shall be integrated into all the decision-making organs of the ADC which includes; Board of Trustees (BOT), National Working Committee
(NWC), National Executive Council (NEC), Presidential and all the 36 States Election Committee.

The press statement which announced the names of its interim leaders and offices is displayed below:

The ADC-DN therefore, becomes operational with immediate effect.

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