Ondo 2020: Shame On Us!!!

How badly can it get for us?

Must politics be a do or die for us as Nigerians?

If politics is actually a call to serve, why do we have to kill the very people we intend to serve before we get to the desired position of service?

A call to serve humanity should be gotten through a free and fair process; why must political aspirants send out thugs cum party loyalist to destroy banners and posters of other eligible aspirants?

Does it also have to get bad, to the extent that some other candidates have to go the way of voodoo just to protect banners and posters? Anyone who goes cursing and conjuring spirits to maim others who destroy paperworks will not stop at anything to take lives, should their desired candidate lose at poll.

Nevertheless, we understand that people will get at any length to protect their interest especially when they are powerless, cannot defend themselves physically and when they combat constituted authorities, they often resort to spiritual solutions to combat the oppressors. This could possibly be done using any form of religion; be it traditional or western beliefs.

Why can’t we devote the spiritual powers that we posses as Nigerians and Yorubas by extension to protect humanity, our fatherland and create innovative ideas to better our lot rather than destroy?

We also can use such powers as punitive measures for those politricians who rob the masses the dividends of the democracy they deserve.

Our correspondent S’Teller on Friday ran into an outrageous scene of party loyalist in Ondo State doing some rituals in order to protect the party candidates. Criticising the act is not enough, if we do not criticize what led to the act.

TellAfrica gathered that loyalist of the ruling APC party in Ondo State have been out destroying the opponent’s campaign posters and here’s what they got served from the members of PDP in Ondo State.

See visual evidence below;

What if, a non-partisan person accidentally destroys the banner? What if my family or yours accidentally destroys it? Whoever does, will definitely be hit by the spiritual hands who seek not only to destroy but also to kill.

Are these actions right and why does it have to be a life and death matter if politicians sincerely intend to serve the masses?

The masses should not allow themselves to be used and dumped!!!

True power should belong to the people and not some few elites!!!

Our dearest people of Ondo State, please #voteright and #staysafe as you cast your vote come October 10, 2020.

This message is brought to you by Ondo State Diaspora Organisation in Europe.

The Ondo State Diaspora Organisation in Europe shall be engaging all party’s Gubernatorial candidate in a debate via virtual town hall meeting on 26 September 2020 and we hope the contestants who have been duly served with an invitation will do well to canvass the masses through this medium.

We need to know the candidate who is truly for the masses….APC, ZLP, PDP, ADC or others?

Different organisations and individuals are encouraged to join the debate as scheduled. For further enquiries, please contact us on WhatsApp/call: +447961261926 or +447983337823.

Ondo 2020: Who wears the cap?

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