US ELECTION: Democrats & Others Kick Against Throttle Of The US Postal Service

Doyinsola Johnson

Democrats and several state leaders are pushing back on what they see as the Trump administration’s attempt to throttle the US Postal Service to influence the upcoming presidential election.

The House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is calling on the House to return to Washington, likely next weekend, for an unheard of session during presidential convention season to address the concerns.

Democrats also want the new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to testify and address charges that his controversial new policy changes are intended to deliberately slow mail-in voting.

At least a half dozen states including Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia are also considering legal action against the Trump administration and the United States Postal Service to stop these changes from going into effect.

At DeJoy’s behest, the USPS has slowed delivery, removed high-speed letter sorters and will no longer automatically give priority to mail-in ballots.

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