Hushpuppi Denied Bail, Court Held He Is A Flight Risk

Suspected international fraudster, Raymond Abbas, aka Ray Hushpuppi, has been denied bail by the US Northern District of Illinois court.

The court ruled that the self-acclaimed billionaire Gucci master, Hushpuppi, who has over 2.5m followers on Instagram, will remain in detention until his trial is done.

Hushpuppi will be transported to Los Angeles by the United States Marshall Service and will not be allowed to stay with his girlfriend’s uncle in Homewood, Illinois.

The trial is slated to be held in Los Angeles where the case was filed rather than Chicago where the investigation is being handled.

At the hearing, Hushpuppi’s lawyer denied that his client was a flight risk or a danger to the community as he repeatedly rejected the allegations made against him by the US’ Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

He is accused of being part of a network that made hundreds of millions of dollars from business email compromise fraud and other scams

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