Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Rape and Murder of Woman.

-Sayo Johnson

Metropolitan police officer Wayne Couzens pleaded guilty to murdering Sarah Everard on Friday.

The tragedy took place on March 3 when the predator kidnapped the 33 year old women with a hire car whilst walking from her friends in South London on a dark evening. 

Her body was found the after she was reported missing by her boyfriend on March 10th, at a wood stream close to a property Couzens,44 owns.

Sarah walking home on the night of her abduction

Couzens was arrested 39 minutes before his phone was wiped and erased, In March he pleaded guilty to kidnapping, rape and is now just pleading guilty to murder.

Couzens was a firearm trained parliamentary and diplomatic PROTECTION officer

Couzens’ wife expressed confusion as she didn’t see a difference in her husband behaviour. 

Ms Everard’s death struck the world, It shown people just one example of women’s hardships. Sarah did everything in her power to prevent this from happening she fought, she wore bright clothes she even called someone during her journey and still she was brutally strangled to death. The murder brought so much awareness to rape and women cruelty showing that it didn’t matter if you were dressed in an “inappropriate” way it didn’t matter, nothing matters as long as you are a women you will be targeted. This caused for the hashtag #notallmenbuttomanywomen to be made. Meaning that though not all men are rapist or offenders but to many women are being assaulted. Many brave girls have gotten the courage to share there stories. It’s so sad that we live in a world we’re girls have to be scared to walk home in the dark, or be limited to what clothing they want to wear, have to go out with weapons out of fear of being harassed and even wrote that the people we call to protect us want can’t even trust. We can all only hope that soon women won’t have to.

How to help prevent this:



Rest in loving peace Sarah Everard.

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