GOVERNOR AKEREDOLU: A Threat To Humanity And A Risk To His Own People

The Executive Governor of Ondo State, His Excellency Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu’s action is non-compliance with the provision of WHO and NCDC.

If H.E is not self isolated, until his COVID-19 result is out, he remains a threat to humanity and a risk to his own people”  -TellAfrica.

In a Tweet post by H.E Akeredolu on 25 March 2020 at 18.56pm Nigerian time, the Governor stated that he was in a meeting with someone who had tested positive to the Coronavirus.

The Governor claimed he is not however asymptomatic, that is, he has no COVID-19 inherent symptoms and that some others at same meeting had tested negative.

See screenshot of tweet below:


The right thing to do, as specified by WHO and NCDC would be to go into isolation in this circumstances to ensure  that, paradventure he is positive; he does not infect others by spreading same virus.

Just like others in same circumstances as H.E Akeredolu had gone into self-isolation; in the like of the Executive Governor of Ogun State, H.E Dapo Abiodun who also made this known on his Twitter account. The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Pastor Yemi Osinbajo was also self isolated while he tested negative afterwards.

The actions of Ogun State Governor and the VP are exemplary and exactly what we term as “walking the talk”.

In sharp contrast to your Twitter post Your Excellency Arakunrin Akeredolu; a post made by the Ondo State Ministry of information yesterday evening summarising your press briefing stated that you debunk claims that you have gone into self isolation.

This is not a plus for  Governor Akeredolu, rather  a red-flag flagrant disrespect for humanity and the rule of law; this makes you a threat to the people you govern.

Leadership should be by example!

People with no contact at all are staying home and this does mean they are positive. Rather it is keeping safe to save humanity.

If indeed H.E Akeredolu is not in self-isolation while he awaits test result, having attended a meeting with a confirmed case; it is either H.E is not rightly informed or he made a decision to be disobedient and intentionally put others at risk.

See full text released by the Ministry of Health on their social media page below:

I’m not on self-isolation, says Akeredolu

Ondo State Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has debunked reports that he has gone on self-isolation.

Akeredolu who appeared at a press briefing Wednesday evening alongside State Commissioner of Police, Undie Adie, said he would not have come out if he were on self-isolation.

Talks about Governor Akeredolu’s self-isolation were riffed after he cancelled all official engagements including courtesy calls and other engagements already approved and scheduled for a period of 14 days in the first instance.

But he dismissed the reports as tissues of lies.

Governor Akeredolu said the meeting with the Commissioner of Police was to ensure strict compliance with the closure of markets and other directives he issued as ways of curbing spread of the coronavirus.

The Ondo Police boss said only those selling essential things like pharmaceuticals, food and water would be allowed to sell.

Adie said his men would ensure total compliance and urged those dealing in non-essential goods to stay at home for the period COVID-19 would be contained.

“Life will soon return to normal. Those selling food should ensure there are no crowds. We should endeavour to maintain social distancing.””

To be a good leader at this point in time Mr. Governor, is to be in isolation and own up to it; it is called being RESPONSIBLE. The Clarence House, yesterday did a press release that Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne was in self-isolation and this makes him responsible for his actions while tones of people wish him well.

It is okay to do a press briefing while keeping a ‘safe distance’ but a No No to bluffing on the account that you are not in isolation while you should be.

Dear Governor, you should be in the business of senticising people on the need to restrict their movement; it is not a criminal offence to be so isolatlated after all.

Find below the clarification between restricted movement, self isolation and being quarentined;

Restricted movements means avoiding contact with other people and social situations as much as possible. It is sometimes referred to as self-quarantine.

You do this to stop other people from getting coronavirus.

You need to restrict your movements if you do not have symptoms of coronavirus but you are:

  • close contact of a confirmed case of coronavirus
  • You have recently returned from a country noted to be infected with COVID-19.

Self-isolation means staying indoors and completely avoiding contact with other people. You need to do this if you have symptoms of coronavirus. This is to stop other people from getting it.

You will need to self-isolate:

  • if you have symptoms of coronavirus
  • before you get tested for coronavirus
  • while you wait for test results
  • if you have had a positive test result for coronavirus

While quarentine is a state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.

We hope this helps………and please do not make this article a political tool. TellAfrica has no political affiliation.



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