The Enemy Within…..

-Osaro Fajimiyo

My name is Felicia Ojo( not real names). I am from Ikpoba hill in the Benin metropolis.

I lost my father at the age of 17 years and being the eldest child of both parents, I had the task of assisting my mother to fend for my three younger brothers.

I dropped out of school as my mom could not pay school fees. My junior ones went to learn skills to become artisans in various fields.

A schoolmate, Isoken residing in Italy knew of my predicament decided to assist. I had no choice.

I took the blood oath.

The bill was $10,000. This would take care of my passport, visa procurement, flight tickets and accomodation and must be paid back in two years.

I travelled to Italy in 1999. Paid the money after one year. I got a job in a tomato processing plant and fell in love with Stefano who was the warehouse manager. I told him my story and he paid off the loan.

Thanks to Stefano, I was free and I started making my own money.

I started building my house in Benin city to accommodate my mother and three brothers. Four units of three bedrooms apartments. It was massive but finished the construction and they moved in.

Things were fine until my husband, Stefano died of heart attack, leaving me with our two sons. 21 and 18 yr-old lovely children.

Trouble began when my eldest son suddenly became paralysed one morning after waking up.

My second son also became ill with symptoms aligned with malaria but all medical diagnosis showed nothing.

I had spent money on spiritualists both in Nigeria and here in Napoli to no avail.

My resources were going down the drain. Stefano left us a huge sum and a house but these might all go if there are no immediate plans to arrest these developments.

I called Isoken, my old school mate. She advised me to go home and trace my Olokun. “Me, worship idol? No! No! Isoken, please!” I replied Isoken. But she was persistent. She was that type of a very good friend.


I travelled to Nigeria without informing my family.

Located “Mama”(Mama is the Olokun priestess). Mama took me into her chambers. Asked me to remove my shoes and asked if I was clean. I answered in the knowledge that I am. I am in my menopausal stage and I have not had sexual relationship with any man since my husband’s demise.

Mama prepared her oracle and asked me to pick up the head cowrie, I took it, used it to touch my head and my two breasts, and dropped it on the table.

From Olokun worship, I learnt that when the oracle is being consulted, the priest or priestess is the true representative of the supreme being, God, on earth. Human contact with the representative is highly limited and appreciated.

Mama asked me the whereabouts of my Olokun……..

I don’t know, I replied. I was done with it two decades ago.


“Hmmm,omo!” Mama said aloud. ” My daughter, Olokun is not happy that you abandoned her after blessing you. But the greatest enemy is your mother.” Mama continued.

We repeated the same procedure of using the head cowrie to touch the head and breasts two more times for second and third opinions. Same answers.

” My Oracle does not lie. Isoken, your friend knows me very well.

“Your mother, from the Oracle reading here, has allowed the water in the pot at your Olokun shrine to dry out. Your mother has refused to even say a prayer at the shrine for you because she wants your house at all cost. But Olokun said no! You suffered for this family. You made them to become what they are today. Olokun appreciate such good helpers.” Mama said.

“Is my mother the cause of my predicaments?” I stammered.

“Yes, your mother is the sole suspect, and if she denies it, bring her here. Olokun does not lie. Sango and chief inspector Esu here will teach her some lessons.”

Mama asked me to go to Oliha market and procure some Olokun ornaments and a live duck. I spent less than twelve thousand naira. We do not perform sacrifices on the day they were prescribed. And there are Benin traditional days for such worship and sacrifices.

I went with Mama to Ikpoba River and did a bathing exercise. The ornaments and duck were packaged in a hamper,and left to float away.

That done, Mama told me to go home to my mother to challenge her.

I did as Mama advised. My mother was shocked on seeing me. I asked her why? She begged and asked family members to beg me. I said nothing for I was in shock.

I took my Olokun pot to Mama to advise me on what to do. “Olokun wants your pot by your side” Mama said.

But for the house, I sold it…..

Her sons can look after their mother.

I have no regrets. I need my life and my children. They are well and married now.

I hope you learn from my story and understand that your parent or siblings could be your enemies.

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