The “Africaness” Of An Irish-Born Princess: Life And Style Of Akarachi Ekeh

Happy Africa Day 2020!!!

….and it’s going to be a long month celebrating who we truly are and our source & heritage.

In this course of celebration, we bring to you beautiful Diasporas; male, female, young and old as we celebrate their uniqueness and ‘Africanness.’

On that note, meet our lovely princess Akarachi Ekeh, a true Irish kid of African extraction; a true daughter if the soil. Her maternal source is the fountain of knowledge in Ekiti-State while she ‘be oyigbo’ directly from Imo State as dad bestowed on her.

Above all, Amarachi is a blessed child, lovely, beautiful, down to earth, thorough bred and properly raised Nigerian child in the Diaspora.

Beautiful Kara

Well raised with impeccable values; that teacher’s child in the Nigeria context of a disciplined child and she always has that genuine and innocent smile to march her gorgeous yet humble spirit.

On Africa Day 2020, gorgeous Kara went an extra mile to say hello to Africans, home and abroad.

Cute I suppose?

Please leave a word for our Princess as we celebrate Africa Day 2020…..and expect more from the the intellectual haven of Kara.

Happy Africa Day 2020 !!!

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