As much as we understand that before the advent of the colonial masters and their era, Africans all over the globe had traditional remedies for different forms of ailment.

Hence, the need to promote some of these medicinal herbs during this period of pandemic.

However, it is imperative to note that these are home made remedies as used by our forefathers.

It is our responsibility however as an individual to test with the appropriate authorities for any symptoms whatsoever.

While we believe that traditional herbs works wonders, this does not mean that we condemn scientifically processed pharmaceuticals products which are most often made from extracts of some of the locally used herbs.

Herbs are natural, usually without measurable dosage, hence should be taken in moderation to avoid side effects.

The government should support our herbalists in order to develop medicines and innovate cures inherited from our ancestors.

Countries such as Cuba are in the forefront of such innovation and this should be encouraged in Nigeria and other African countries as a whole.

See videos of traditional home remedies discussed in both English and Yoruba languages:

These remedies tho not clinically tested but have be proven to have worked over the years as they were used by our ancestors.

As we follow all precautionary measures while staying home and staying safe at this pandemic period, we may also want to take advantage of these traditional methods of combating viruses.


Please stay safe………



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