Christian Council Attacks On Witches, Wizards Association Fails To Stop Conference In Nigeria


Despite serious criticism by the Christian Council of Nigeria, CAN, over the activities of the Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria the purported conference still went ahead in Enugu State, Nigeria.

CAN has earlier said any group that does not honour the good of humanity and project togetherness rather shrewd in secrecy should be totally condemned.
The Council disclosed this at the 90th Anniversary celebration and 30th General Assembly of CAN in Lagos.
While calling on Nigerians to jointly condemned the operations of the association, the CAN President, Most Reverend Dr Benebo Fubura Fubura-Manuel maintained that whoever registered such association should it responsible.

“We understand that this country does not allow for such registration. And if they not people with proper registration, Nigerians should condemn their activities and all members of the body of Christ should rebuke them as well.
“We stand against all kinds of cults and secret society and therefore we stand strongly against such group”, he said.

He also called on Nigerian politicians to ensure peace and tranquillity of the nation is upheld at all levels through various policies and governance they project. Speaking on the theme,
“Maintaining the Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace”, the President of CAN, Most Reverend Dr. Benebo Fubura Fubura-Manuel disclosed that politicians with conscience and integrity will help keep the unity of the country and not destroy it. While calling on politicians and Nigerians in particular to live a life of integrity, he said, parts of the core values that make them leaders are the ability to do things rightly.

“For 90 years, CAN has been an advocate of strong unity among the Christians adding that the body has continued to instil the culture of togetherness in the body of Christ.

“We speak to people in power especially those in our churches to understand the essence of oneness and we hold them accountable so that they do not become a political from our block and expect that do things wrongly.

“We cannot preach war because we have seen war with our eyes and that is why we have decided to embrace peace and then talk about war later. Many of us today are facing the brutality of warfare.
“We have seen that it does not benefit both Christians and Muslims to fight one another thereby destroying our families. We have seen war bring alienation to a friendship that we have built in the past.
“We have seen it bring hatred to the generation after us. While Christians are making efforts in many areas to walk in peace, we are deeply hurt by the news of our Christians brothers and sisters who are brutalized and mutilated.
“Part of what divides our country is religion, we stand for inter-religious dialogue and we run interfaith centres with the Muslims so as to bring about peace in the country”, he said.

Lamenting the pain Christians have suffered in the face of political instability and insecurity in the country, the cleric noted that the level of reception of the peace talk cannot be properly tested in the face of pain and anger that people face.
“Therefore, we are calling on the government to revisit the case of insurgency in the country. We need to have a clear government, political will and clear structure that will put an end to the insurgency.

Speaking on the 30th General Assembly, it is an event aimed at appraising the duties of the council after three years in office.
According to him, Assemblies are the strongest points of the council to speak to issues and in this 30th General Assembly, we are going to address issues and political questions that are before us as a country.


We will speak as one voice on positions that are important for politicians and worshippers that will lead to holidays living because we believe that the churches and government, as well as the citizens, must be held accountable to work towards the good of creation.

(Additional information from Vanguard)

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