“My Life Is All About Making Sacrifices” – Oba Oluwo Of Iwo-land

State of Osun Gov. Oyetola and Oluwo

The Oluwo of Iwo, Abdulrasheed Akanbi, has said that his pact with the people of Iwoland is to drive the town to higher pedestal through sacrifice.

The paramount ruler was saying this at the just concluded Osun State Economic Summit held in Osogbo, the state capital, where he noted that his vision is synonymous with the template of Oyetola, who he acknowledged that all the steps he has so far taken where appropriate steps aimed at an improved economy.

Oluwo also disclosed that his one-month trip to Canada was part of his efforts to actively complement the vision of Governor Oyetola whom he described as a silent achiever blessed with unassuming personage.

He explained that by the time the results of his mission to the North America begin to manifest, it would be clear that the era of traditional rulers sitting in the palaces and expecting development to fall on their laps is gone forever.
He said, “this comes with sacrifice in form of misinterpretation of intention but I am ready because my life is all about making sacrific.”

He charged the indigenes and resident of the state to prepare for better days and also set to contribute their quotas in ensuring that government economic policies achieve desired results.

Saying, β€œalthough Osun is an agrarian state, agriculture is not the best for rapid growth. We need industries that with provide jobs and revenues for the state. I can see Oyetola preparing, we should prepare for better Osun under him.
β€œFarming takes more land than mining. We need more industries in Osun. Osun will no more be farming land but an industrial hub of the nation. That is my dream for Osun,” he said.
He advised land owners to see lease as alternative to outright selling, adding that leasing is secured, futuristic and preferable to the advantage of the owners.

Saying, “the governor has done since he assumed office last year is a pointer to his understanding of economic need of the state.

He assured that the state is in safe hands, urging everyone, most especially farmers to organize themselves to match the industrial template of the governor.

Oba Akanbi admitted the opportunities and profits in farming but said industrialization is more profitable and less land-consuming than farming.

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