Oluwo Shares The Mystery Of Living Above ‘gods & dieties’ And the Need to Protect Our Heritage

During an interview session with the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi on Thursday, the revered monarch explained his relationship as a king with the ancestors and the ancestral powers that be.

The monarch had always maintained that his representation supersedes any ancient god due to the fact that he enjoys the royal priesthood as ordained by God.

He emphasized his supremacy in this interview.

See excerpts from interview and video below;

“Today, I stand tall to say; I will, I should and I must be greater than my fathers and forefathers.

” With an assurance of hope that my children and generations to come must be greater than me, no matter how great and successful I become !!!

” As the number one authority over all deities ( Alashe Lori Orisha Akoko). As a Representative of God Almighty, and the first among equals in my God given kingdom (Arole Olodumare Akoko).

“All our artefacts, deities, idols which forms the most important part of our past in form of history should be kept and guarded jealously in the museum as a result of their of their priceless value.

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