“THE BOOM” Exhibition of Sculptures, New “LightPaintings” By Emmanuel Eni Blackman in European Kitchen Lights Up The World


The Boom, guests at the exhibition


Emmanuel Eni aka Blackman in European Kitchen, a Nigerian, is one of the most outstanding contemporary artists from Africa and the Western world.

Listed this week in Forbes, IMDb and Celeb Trends ratings as one of the most popular and best known high ranking Artists. Famous for his fearless, soul – seeking, philosophical art.


Guardian describes his work as an iconoclast of unusual proportions. The crystallization of art in its various media, exposing it as a “Contemporary Baroque” art.

‘Open Eyes’ one of Emmanuel’s work

The author and performer of Blackman in European Kitchen, the creator of the Basic Metric Scale For Art Products in “Death of the Curator” Drama, and Creator of the New “LightPaintings” Art.
In his “THE BOOM” Exhibition, Selected sculptures and New “Lightpaintings” by the artist are the most important works created in Germany since the last 25 years to the present, exhibits made in bronze, fiberglass and terracotta. Parts of the most unequivocal, most celebrated new works are – New “Light Paintings” Art – developed, sought after worldwide, patented and shown by the artist.

“THE BOOM” is the transparency and stimulation of growth through collective collaboration of art, artists, business, politics, exhibition organizer, curator and audience to providing insights into the present and future trends.

Blackman European kitchen with Ambassador Mrs-Mobolaji-at-THE-BOOM-exhibition.

The Artist famously known as Blackman in European kitchen reveals that “THE BOOM” is also the search of the world for Africa in Brexit times, new Europe, Asia and American political and cultural standpoints, where the new search for raw materials human strength and intelligence is on a new match.


“THE BOOM” finally rings inn in a fair relationship in the world partnership through all 5 continents, in new countries and Africa. It is an opportunity to see the cooperation on an equal footing, based on what is offered by all and its management. He says that Obviously, people should be able to buy or acquire this art to stimulate equal world growth.


At “THE BOOM” opening, the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder, Dr. Matthias Rößler President of the Saxon Parliament, Mrs. Ilse Aigner President of the Bavarian State Parliament, Mr. Thomas Hagel MDB, Karl-Willi Beck 1.


Mayor Wunsiedel and District Administrator Dr. Ing. Karl Döhler Wunsiedel, world-important art patron, officials, local and international press and others invited. The Boom Exhibition Text catalogue by Dr Claus Deimel Director Saxony Ethnological Museum AD.

Most important Works/Exhibition and performances of the famous maverick artist Emmanuel Eni Blackman in European kitchen, include:
“Israel and Palestine” Installation / Performance, „Blackman in European kitchen“ without doubt the most celebrated narrative poem by the artist features in over 70 performance across the world, “Africanize”,” Death of the curator”, Art Merchant”, Junking of the Elephant”, „Brightness of the picture“, “Elephant” and the just concluded Works pallet “THE BOOM” amongst very many.

Main Discoveries of The Blackman in European kitchen include amongst so many: Basic Metric scale for Art Products BMSAP (in death of the curator- drama), ,„New „LightPainting”- Art, and “African Legends performance”, created by the artist to expand and propagate great African Legends and African philosophy.
Publications of the Artist include: “Death of the curator” – Drama, “Masquaradeundressing” poems collection, “Kindonkind” Poems Collections, “Fallandstand” Poems Collection, “Universes of Water” Poems collection and many other poetic works.


The resonation of Emmanuel Eni Blackman in European Kitchens THE BOOM exhibition is making waves in the world amongst stakeholders and art Aficionados and can be accessed when one is lucky and determined to makes contact with the artist, and also online to reach for all in the world wide web.

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