Choosing our thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain is; INTEGRITY!

Granting us a platform to carry out such craft that will further strengthen the existence of our alma-mata cannot be taken for granted, we count it as an honour to serve our own dear friends, brothers and sisters who were there during our formative years, before we achieved whatever milestone we have today. Indeed, we are grateful as a team to serve you all even in our volunteering capacity.

As a team, be assured that we shall do all within our reach to make the best of UNIKOSA. We understand that tough times never last, tough people do. Hence our resolve to ensure that we do not stop using our talents to keep our noble association going; we shall get there as God liveth.

This edition of UNIKOSA NEWSLETTER is the second issue of our magazine type communique and it promises to be very informative and interesting. We have summary and recommendations from our family meetings put together, updates from the Electoral Committee, very important announcements and reports from the BOT among other things and newbie on the newsletter is the Quiz Corner, where you have to identify an alumni member and leave all information you know about him or her in the comment box on our UNIKOSA face book page, you may possibly win a prize!

As a result of our busy schedule, this edition was put together in less than 48 hours. Many thanks to the hardworking team who murdered their sleep in order to encode, filter and transfer the news to our end users, and here you are, decoding; the art and craft of media production.

To my wonderful team, in no particular order: Seun Ojoko, Kunle Olajuyin, Kehinde Alugo and Yetunde Jemiriye, thank you for making the job seamless, I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you and all others on this journey and I hope we shall have cause to do this together again, again and again.

Remember, your talent will get you in the door, your character will keep you in the room.
….And to all members of UNIKOSA, thank you for being our audience, we look forward to serving you better.

While, I’ll let you enjoy our piece of writing, may I also crave your indulgence to kindly make it a MUST to read the announcement section as the communication team have a special notifications for your attention as we look forward to your continued support on this journey.

Let’s catch up soon, till then…….

Truly yours,
Gbemisola Bisi-Taiwo Esq.


We bring you greetings from the EC Chairman and the team. Mr. Olofinboba expressed his gratitude to as many who have taken it upon themselves to get accredited for the forthcoming election while he also encouraged others to join suit in order for our election to be credible. He explained that the EC have recorded more nominations and registrations in the past week and he stated that they are working assiduously to ensure their mandate is not aborted. While, the team by virtue of the power vested in them by the congress of UNIKOSA, today have exercised the delegated powers by updating the electoral schedule. Thereby, extending the deadline for member and candidate registration and other pre-election activities from 12 -17 September 2021.

According to records, as of 6 September 2021, a total number of one hundred and eighty nine (189) electors had been accredited across board.
The election polls shall open on 26 September and close by 3 October 2021. While the inauguration and swearing in of new officers shall be effective after certification of elections on 3 October 2021.

For those who are still willing to upgrade their financial status and intending officers, you may do so within the extended time frame.

All dues should be made payable to UNIKOSA Account Number: 2025218662, First Bank of Nigeria. Once payment is made, please email receipt stating your set in mail to: UNIKOSA2021REG@GMAIL.COM
While prospective candidates shall also pay their nomination fee to the above account, the payment receipt shall be forwarded to:


President: #25,000

Vice president: #20,000

General Secretary: #15, 000

Assistant General Secretary: #15,000

Treasurer: #15,000

Financial Secretary: #15,000

Public Relations Officer: #15,000

Social Welfare Secretary: #15,000

Mobilisation Officer: #15,000

Legal Officer: #15,000

Auditor: #15,000

The EC Chairman posited that the election shall be free and fair. Electors are advised to visit to view candidate biographies and manifestos whilst they are expected to make choices that will be most suited for good of the association.


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The meeting was aimed at improving and enhancing qualitative interaction and communication bridge building across all sets of UNIKOSA.

Members were enlightened and informed on efforts and actions taken so far in moving the association forward. Processes set out by the electoral committee in ensuring seamless and transparent election was also discussed.

The meetings were moderated by Gbemisola Bisi-TaiwoEsq. 95 set (Lead, Communication team) and supported by Hakeem Bakare Esq. 2004 set ( standing in for the BOT Secretary) while opening & closing addresses were delivered by the BOT Chairman, Mr. Temitope Olubusi 91 set. The focal points of the meetings were; elections, payment of due and the association’s website.

Part of the efforts of the BOT to move the association forward includes: establishment of a cooperative society to support members businesses where this shall serve as a medium of empowerment.

Committees set by the BOT includes Finance, Communications, Technical and Electoral, they are saddled with responsibilities and report to the BOT on developments as regards their obligations to move the association forward. The selected members were put forward as volunteers to serve in their areas of speciality.


  1. It was suggested that Set/Chapter be saddled with the responsibility of collection of dues since they are closer to the grassroot, while 2 or more set coordinators in each set are to represent in the Coordinators forum.
  2. To foster stronger bond within the association, plans should be made for a virtual reunion to stand in for the more preferred physical homecoming due to the current Covid-19 scourge.
  3. Set 91-93 advocated that election be postponed for 3 months or pushed till next year in order to allow for stability, good cultural foundation and build confidence in the association.
  4. That BOT should hold the fort till the election is held. However, the source of funding the BOT administration should be considered, as personal funds were being utilized.
  5. A member of 94 set raised an opinion that the election should be cancelled entirely and more set activities encouraged while another member of same set raised a contrary opinion, saying that elections should be allowed as at when due while the activities of UNIKOSA at the National level should continue and strengthened as she applauds the good work done by BOT so far.
  6. A member of 95 set opined that election should be shelved for a while, to mend bridges and foster unity.
  7. A representative of the 96 set stated that election is paramount by virtue of the provisions of the constitution while BOT should retain its advisory role.
  8. 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 sets agitated for elections to be held as planned and encouraged members to pick up forms.
  9. That accurate and up-to-date list of annual dues faithfuls and defaulters should be rolled out more often to further encourage dues payment.
  10. That Financial statement of the association should be published periodically for the sake of transparency and to assure members that their dues are well administered.
  11. That a more aggressive approach to dissemination of information by the BOT should be embraced.
  12. A member of the Tech team explained the features on the web and the need for members to create contents while getting more involved in its usage at all meetings.
  13. It was further suggested that members should be further encouraged and motivated to come on board for the progress of the association.
  14. 2003 sets coordinator lodged complain for members who allegedly are financially up to date during 2016 election but whose names were missing on the updated members list. He was however advised to forward an email to the Finance committee.
  15. Mr. Taiwo Adebiyi of 1993 set who also doubles as a member of the BOT advised members to get involved on issues that impact UNIKOSA, especially at the national level which will help enhance bonding between the older the younger generations.
  16. The Electoral Committee chairman also briefed the members about their activities so far. He informed that no one had shown interest to contest and payment of dues are not so encouraging.
  17. It was posited that election should be next on our priority in order to have an all embracing association. An association where members have reasons to participate actively and productively.
  18. That the mantle of leadership should be passed to a duly elected Officers as the BOT have tried their best
  19. That the Millennia sets should be motivated and encouraged to be part of runnings of the association through assignment of roles as well as showing interest to contest for different elective positions.
  20. A member of the Technical team reiterates that the website is ready for election. He solicited the support of all members in the area of due payment in order to have access to its voting features. The website is designed for interaction, voting and various engagements.
  21. The 92,95, 96 among other millennia set Coordinators promised to revert on the issue of dues payment after a scheduled meeting with set members on the subject matter.
  22. That Chapters and Sets activities should be in sync with the operations of the national in order to foster more harmonious synergy.

All meetings started and ended with singing of the school anthem.

Quiz Corner: Guess who? Tell all you know about the picture in this brain teaser on quiz corner.


Please visit our alumni website to get registered for voting and for current news updates:

  1. We are delighted to inform you that 3 members of the Communication Team shall be stepping aside in their active volunteering role in the team as they proceed to contest in the forthcoming UNIKOSA election. The said members have letters to this effect forwarded to the BOT Chairman and team. However, they may be available to assist in a situation not deemed as conflict of interest. The members are: Kunle Olajuyin, Seun Ojoko and Gbemisola Bisi-Taiwo vying for the position of UNIKOSA PRO, General Secretary and President respectively. As a result, Yetunde Jemiriye 95 set shall take the lead going forward.
  2. Prospective candidates and electors have to pay up their dues and/nomination fees not latter than 17 September 2021.

The BOT shall in due cause set a date for an EMERGENCY GENERAL MEETING in order put some resolution in place. In like manner, as suggested during the family meetings, a virtual homecoming shall also be organised shortly.
The communication team shall keep us posted as to date(s) of these important events. Be on the watchout for poster 😁

  1. The BOT appreciates the timely intervention of the 93 and subsequently 91 set with respect to paying up their annual dues. We applaud you for taking the initiative πŸ™ŒπŸΌ πŸ‘


Here is another opportunity to express our profound gratitude to all members who have risen up to the circumstances of our alma-mata at this period and have sworn to make our association great again.

We have diligently worked to put in place foundational structures and strategies to improve the standard of our alumni association and to bring us on same pedestal as other international ivy league institutions in the global community. We are no longer where we used to be; we can only do better!

“Doing better” should be our collective interest and this is only obtainable by ensuring that capable hands gets the mantle of authority; to progress the association, from the state of being better to the ‘best imaginable’ state.

It is on this note, that I urge all interested / qualitative candidates to come out and keenly contest the forthcoming election. It is our prayer however that, “may the best man win.”

We look forward to a successful UNIKOSA 2021 election.

Thanks and God blessπŸ™πŸΌ

Best wishes,

Mr. Temitope Olubusi (BOT Chairman)

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