COVID-19: 132 Cases, 1 death Recorded In Nigeria On Monday Night

According to reports from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on Monday night, one of the lowest coronavirus infection toll in nearly six months with 132 new cases and one death, was recorded.

The tally is however higher than the 79 cases reported on Sunday night. This implies that there were 53 more cases than the figure recorded on Sunday.

The new cases have now taken the total number of infections in the country to 56, 388.

There are still almost 11, 000 active cases while about 44, 337 patients have recovered and have been discharged across the country’s 36 states and Abuja, the capital.

In the past three weeks, Nigeria have not reported any daily infection above 300, an indication that the country might have passed the worst stage of its coronavirus pandemic.

The data also suggested that Nigeria may be flattening the COVID-19 pandemic curve, although concerns are still rife over the uptick in community transmissions and low testing figures.

The single death recorded on Monday takes the total fatality toll to 1, 0823. About 13 people died on Monday.

The 132 Monday infections were reported from 11 states: Lagos (52), Gombe (27), Plateau (17), Kwara (10), Enugu (9), Ogun (9), Katsina (3), Ekiti (2), Bauchi (1), Osun (1), Rivers (1).

Lagos had the highest number of new cases on Monday – with 52 infections – to extend its lead on the region with the highest tally.

The commercial city is Nigeria remains the epicentre with over 18,000 infections and 2014 deaths.

Abuja, Nigeria’s capital is the second most impacted with a total of over 5,000 cases.

Nigeria’s testing regime has however remained a cause for concern. Only about 440, 000 of the country’s 200 million people have been tested thus far.

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