There is a very serious dearth of information across the black population all over the world, and an apparent inability of the descendants of Africans especially in this 21st century to identify themselves as a part of their very interesting cultural heritage.

TELLAFRICA.COM.NG is a lifestyle, morals, culture and travel blog dedicated to telling African stories to Africans all over the world as well as people of other races.

TELLAFRICA.COM.NG is poised to project Black civilisation/globalisation into world consciousness; history has it that civilisation emanated from Africa.

TELLAFRICA.COM.NG aims to be Africaโ€™s largest lifestyle, morals, culture and travel hub, connecting Africans all over the world to the realisation of who we truly are and not what we think or other races think we are. We are a big, strong, reliable and intellectually sound nation. Africa and Africans should be celebrated.

TELLAFRICA.COM.NG is the right stop!


Our target market are teenagers and adults. We provide information ranging from academic, entertainment, exposรฉ on varieties of issues and persons.ย  We will not only be showcasing trends but โ€˜qualitative trends’. We are not out to blog the usual but we can guarantee effective communication of ideas and we do justice to the narratives.ย  The market is huge and demanding but TELLAFRICA is up to the task.

TELLAFRICA is next to none; Our standards are high and we give room to no serious competition in the blogging niche all over Africa.


TELLAFRICA is a team of experienced people whose minimum qualification is a degree either from a recognised institution in Africa or abroad. We are deeply rooted in our cultural heritage and its contribution to the development of mankind.

The team fields a group of competent writers, researchers, photographers and graphic designers who are ready to hunt out the best of African stories, culture, lifestyle and history and deliver them to the rest of the world undiluted.

TELLAFRICA will do the African stories in a dignified manner.ย  We intend to serve as a credible source of information to the Nigerian populace through our unique column: Expozรฉs which is a machinery for investigative journalism.ย  Where we are best at exposing stories of great benefit to public interest as positive critic.ย  On a lighter mood, TELLAFRICA will provide the unique service of synchronising your โ€˜bet/lotto result and publishing them for your easy access; this is new and at no cost.

TELLAFRICA offers you credible information at your fingertips!

An initiative of Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, Arole Oduduwa (The Projenitor of the Africa Race)