An Alleged COVID-19 Patient Forcefully Removed From Isolation Centre By Family In Delta State

A suspected patient of COVID-19 has been forcefully removed from the Delta State Isolation Centre situated in Asaba.

We gathered that the family members of the alleged patient invaded the isolation centre at the Federal Medical Center, Asaba, Delta State, on Monday and escaped with their ward.

The patient is Michael Mordi, a 53-year-old Chief Nursing Officer in Central Hospital, Agbor, who is said to have tested positive for Coronavirus on May 23, 2020 and was admitted at the Federal Medical Center, Asaba, on May 24.

According to our source S’Teller, the family members claimed that Mordi was neglected and abandoned without food and medication. Hence, the invasion and repatriation from the government facility.

According to our source, the health officials also refused to give the result of the test carried out on him. Therefore, leaving Mordi with no knowledge of his true COVID-19 status. Words of mouth had been the only confirmation he of his allgedly positive status.

“The state government is not being sincere on this issue of COVID-19 pandemic. So many innocent citizens being forced into isolation centres don’t really have the disease but that’s not to say its not real. The state government is making us believe its not real because of the way and manner they are forcing people into isolation centres. Our brother is a health worker too and knows what is involved in the game too.

“Because of the ill treatment the state government and her health officials were giving our brother, hence we stormed the isolation centre at FMC, Asaba, and carried our brother home. How can you take someone to a place without showing him his test result, no food, no medication and no proper care and you expect such person to still be alive if he is left in that kind of hostile environment without food and good care right? They want to kill our brother and later count him among the deaths recorded in Delta State. We say no.” The family member stated.

In reacting to this development, the Delta State Government through the Ministry of Health, expressed displeasure over the uncooperative stance of the COVID-19 Patient. 

In a statement released by the Commissioner for Health; claims were made that Mordi Ononye had since admission been very aggressive, threatened caregivers and also rejected medications given to him.

He said,

“At about 6pm on June 1, 2020, against all medical advice, Mordi obviously consenting, was forcefully removed from the treatment centre by seven men who claimed to be his relatives and they did not wear any protective coverings therefore, constituting a danger to their own health and that of populations and communities with which they come in contact.”

He called for the immediate return of the patient to the treatment center for proper care and advised those, who have been exposed to him to immediately go into supervised self quarantine over the next 14 days.

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